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Oil & Gas

oil01Essential protection. Isolated locations.
Remote drilling rigs, compressor stations or base camps are no place for a fire.

FireCaddy solutions safeguard people, equipment, buildings and the environment – long before outside help can arrive.

Fast action. Reduced risk.
FireCaddy units allow workers in the field to quickly assess and safely respond to hazards like wood, tire, engine, flammable liquid and hydrocarbon fires.

FireCaddy solutions also meet and exceed firefighting regulations for the energy sector and reduce insurance risk.

A bigger margin of safety.
FireCaddy units are mobile, self-powered and carry on-board water and FlameOut suppressant.
They can support up to 400 feet of hose on two fronts, pump additional water from any nearby source to make more FlameOut foam, and can propel foam up to 40 feet from the nozzle.

Less water damage. Easier clean-up.
FireCaddy systems reduce water damage because they use less water to stop fire. They also help remediate oil or fuel spills by breaking apart and isolating hydrocarbon molecules, making it easy for natural microbes to consume those molecules or for crews to physically clean them up.


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