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First of all, Happy New Year to all of you Readers. I hope the holidays were filled with much joy and family time. I find it hard to believe that it has not yet been a year since I took down the shipment of 7 skids of firefighting equipment – including those much needed 90 sets of protective gear. We have come a long way and yet have such a long, long way to go.

There have been many positive developments up here in Calgary since I last took my turn writing the article. We had an assessment team go down there in late October (I was part of it) to see what projects we will work on when we return in April in partnership with Diakonos. We toured some of the homes (I am using that term very loosely) of the Bomberos. To see the level of poverty that some of these families live in is truly heartwrenching. Many of them add to their home one bag of cement at a time. We are all very excited to be able to be a part of improving their personal lives. To know that their Brothers up here in Calgary truly care is such a lift to our Bomberos spirits!!

Another result of that trip was that we realized that, yes, they need some of the big fire trucks but what is truly needed is light attack vehicles. You all know how hard it is to just squeeze a car through some of the streets of Vallarta.

Also, we are working in areas in the Madres and that type of vehicle is best suited for that terrain as well. I had just got back from that trip when I received an email from someone telling me that I needed to get in touch with the owners of a company called Just In Case Fires here in Calgary. They had been told about Angels for Mexico and thought it might be a good match for them.

The product that they have developed is called FIRECADDY.TM and it is environmentally friendly foam fire fighting units (of different sizes). I went to meet with the two owners Mark Hayes and Colin Patterson (Calgary Flame Alumni) and the VP of Sales and Marketing, Kip Reghenas and was immediately comfortable with them.

These are very smart businessman with big hearts. Their product is perfect for countries like Mexico and we have connections that can help them to market their product. In turn, they will be one of our sponsors and they gave us 4 of their units which I took down in December. This is state-of-the-art equipment – not the rejected, below standard, donated equipment that our Bomberos are used to receiving!! Mark flew down while I was there to demo the equipment for them.

You had to see the looks on the individual Bombero faces – their eyes were as wide as children at Xmas – made my heart smile! One of the Bomberos, Jorge, came over to me during the demo, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Thank you, Christena. For years the Bomberos have dreamed of having the protective gear that we now have and new firefighting equipment but we never dreamed that it would actually come true.” I have goosebumps as I write this reliving that moment – how truly wonderful to have been a part of making their dreams a reality!

It did not take a long time for Calgary businessman, Mark Hayes, to be caught up in the charm, genuineness and grateful spirits of our Bomberos. It is what moved me start this foundation in the first place.

For Commander Rivas, it is wonderful to see his men and Department finally get some of the help that they so need and deserve. You could see it in those very expressive eyes of his. I know that the partnerships with both Diakonos and Just in Case Fires will benefit many people and ultimately help to save lives.

We will be signing our paperwork to become a foundation in Mexico on my next trip. Once that is in place, we will be able to have fundraisers on that side. If any of you have fundraising experience and would like to get involved with Angels for Mexico, please contact me at or contact Stan at MasterBaiters.

If you are interested in helping to work on the improvements to the Bombero homes, we would love to have you on the team!! And that’s what this foundation is about – TEAMWORK!!!!!

Blessings! Christena Callaghan, President

Mexican Fire Fighters using the DC1205 FireCaddy on a tire fire

Just-In Case Fire Ltd. founder Mark Hayes and Angels to Mexico President, Christena Callaghan pose with firefighters (Bomberos) from the Puerto Vallarta fire department.

Mark Hayes demonstrating the DC1205 FireCaddy.


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